Apr. 16th, 2015

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As many of you already know, in celebration of Acid Black Cherry's 8th anniversary, the every 4 year event (just like the World Cup), "Thanks 4 You ABC Dream Cup" will be held again for its 2nd time, and this time it carries the title "ABC Dream CUP 2015 LOVE". In conjunction to this, Free Live shows will be held for 80,000 people (double from 4 years ago!) and the schedule will be as follow;

2015/07/11 Aichi Prefecture: Centrair Special Outdoor Venue
2015/07/25 Chiba Prefecture: Special Venue in Makuhari Seaside Park
2015/08/01 Osaka Prefecture: Maishima ABC Special Venue

For everyone who is planning to attend this Free Live, but probably don't know which one to choose, or already made the choice but don't know about the place and how to go there, I prepared the below guides for you guys.

Centrair Special Outdoor Venue )

Special Venue in Makuhari Seaside Park )

Maishima ABC Special Venue )