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ABC 2015 Arena Tour L (1st part).png

General sales for Acid Black Cherry 2015 arena tour L-エル- (September & October shows) are currently ongoing at various playguides.

This is a very rare chance for the normal international fans because the tickets are still available due to so many venues and dates this time. This is a golden chance for you to buy the tickets without paying ridiculously high price, you can even use the cheap proxy like From Japan as you can treat this as buying other online goods. This is no longer a ticket lottery or ticket reservation, you will be buying the real tickets directly. You wouldn't know if you can get an opportunity like this again in the future, they probably won't be booking so many venues and so many dates like this again in the future, this is pretty much an experiment to them, to see how it will turn out.

You can buy the tickets at these places:

Ticket Pia

Venues: Makuhari, Tokyo & Yokohama

Venue: Fukuoka


Venues: Makuhari, Tokyo, Fukuoka & Yokohama

Lawson Ticket

Venues: Makuhari, Tokyo, Fukuoka & Yokohama

Yahoo Tickets (This is officially Yahoo ticketing, NOT Yahoo Auction.)

Venues: Makuhari, Tokyo, Fukuoka & Yokohama

Makuhari (Makuhari Event Hall) & Yokohama (Yokohama Arena) are actually in Kanto region, just like Tokyo; Tokyo City, Makuhari City and Yokohama City are close to each other. So they are considered "Tokyo venues". Remember Free Live, where the Tokyo/Kanto show was held at Makuhari Seaside Park? The concept is the same here.

Anyone can buy these tickets. That's why this is called general sales.
You may refer the tour schedule here (in English).
If you are already in Japan, you also can buy the tickets from the Loppi Machine at Lawson stores (buying tutorial at YouTube).
These are the L-codes: