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The voting has started.
You know who I want you to vote for (hint: the tag).
I'm putting spells for those who are not voting him and his song (he only got one original this year, at least for now).
You will be facing insomnia for 7 days and 7 nights consecutively if you didn't vote for him. *evil mode* LOL

1) Go here.

2) Click the golden tab.

3) Fill in the form. Make sure to fill all fields if you want it to be accepted!

Please use Japanese, unless the artists' names and songs are originally in English/roman!
Click the left tab.

4) You will be directed to a new page which stating all your informations and choices. Check if everything is OK. If yes, click the top tab.

5) If you get a page like below, it means your vote has been accepted.

Lastly, thank you for taking your time. :)