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Besides the usual way of entering the lottery (through email), the international members of Janne Da Arc FC also can apply for the tour/concert lottery ourselves, directly at the FC website, without the need to bother the FC staff to do it manually. This way, we also can check the result ourselves without impatiently waiting for the FC staff to email us back the lottery result.

If any international member (who used their own non-Japanese address to join the FC, not through proxy) wants to choose this online method, you may follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Log into the website using this information:

Step 3

Go to the tour information page for FC member:

Step 4

Click the provided link & apply for the lottery.

FC application period for September & October shows: 2015/06/24 13:00 ~ 2015/06/29 23:59
Result & payment period for September & October shows: 2015/07/03 18:00 ~ 2015/07/07/ 23:59

FC application period for November & December shows: 2015/08/05 13:00 ~ 2015/08/10 23:59
Result & payment period for November & December shows: 2015/08/14 18:00 ~ 2015/08/19 23:59

How to fill in the lottery application?

1) Scroll down. Click the orange button.
2) Scroll down. Click the orange button.

4) You may use this site to convert your name:




8) Continue this step until you have added all the shows you want. Please bear in mind, which show you will win will totally depend on your luck, there is possibility that you will win none at all due to how popular ABC concerts are.



11) Check everything & fill in the verification code.

12) Check the confirmation email.

Step 5

Lottery result.
Go back to the corresponding link (depending on which show you are applying) at step 4 to check your result.


If you win, go to the step 6.

Step 6

Make the payment before the payment deadline.
If you are not in Japan during the payment period, ask your trusted agent to make the payment for you. Please give or forward the payment details to your trusted agent.
If you do not have any family or friend in Japan to do it for you, you can use a deputy agent or shopping service.

If you never use any deputy agent before, I may suggest one of these... (

If you ask someone else (i.e proxy) to make the payment, please screenshot the whole part in the red box I've drawn. You need to make few screenshots, don't shrink it like I did, or they couldn't read the information at all.

And make sure to include this link as well in the email:

(It's the instruction on how to make the payment at various convenience stores.)

Step 7

Email the FC ( a Japan-based address no later than one month before the performance date. Please make the email as simple as possible.

Email example:

Subject: A.B.C. 2015 arena tour L-エル-(11月~12月公演) ファンクラブチケット先行予約受付 お問い合わせ (overseas member)

Dear Save Us!

My name is XXXXXXXX. I am an overseas Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club member (membership number: XXXXXX). I have entered Acid Black Cherry 2015 arena tour “Lーエルー” (11月~12月公演) FC lottery and I won the ticket(s).

Below is the hotel address for the ticket(s) to be sent to.

[Your name as registered with the hotel]
[Hotel address, preferably in Japanese]



If you use Bridge/Kairai as your deputy service in step 6, you can email the FC your hotel address.
If your family/friend made the payment for you but you don't want to use their address, then you can use your hotel address as well.

For other deputy services, you can contact them yourself on how to do this.

You may refer the tour schedule here.
Feel free to ask if you need further assistance.
Good luck! (^-^)